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We are here to give you your life back!

We are here to give you your life back!

The First Step is Prep!

Having Pests in your home is unsightly and disconcerting. Bed Bugs are a nuisance and can feed off of humans every 8 to 14 days leaving you irritated and sleepless. Do not go another night without sleep knowing there are unwanted guests in your home. We are here to give you your life back!

Why do you need to prepare for your Bed Bug treatment?

Bed Bugs are very shy insects that can fit into the tightest of spaces. To provide proper treatment with the best results, it is essential to prepare prior to your Bed Bug treatment. Exterminators will not touch personal belongings or move heavy furniture away from walls leaving areas for Bed Bugs to hide. This is key when eliminating Bed Bugs and if not prepped properly, results in elimination will be compromised. We have the proper equipment such as, commercial high powered vacuums to help prepare your residence for the pest control technicians to do the best possible Bed Bug treatment.

Let us help you!

clockWe understand that preparation is time consuming and overwhelming especially, for those who are disabled or elderly. The amount of preparation that is needed to ensure your Bed Bugs are eliminated is enormous. Too many times we have seen treatments take longer than expected because preparation was not done correctly or not done at all. Quest Pest Control has been in business for over 30 years and has the experience to take on your Bed Bug issues. All of our prep. technicians are fully trained in Bed Bug preparation and extermination. They are knowledgeable of the nature of Bed Bugs and their biology. Having the experience and knowledge gives us an advantage on providing you with the best service available.

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Helpful Hints/Info
  • Be aware of what items you bring into your home/ unit and your travels. This is to help you from re-introducing Bed Bugs.
  • Please note that when items are being placed into a dryer, the dryer must reach at least 121 degrees. At that temperature Bed Bugs and their eggs will die. Absolute Bed Bug Preppers is not responsible for damage to items placed in washer or dryer.